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Vincent Pellegrino's Posthumous Homily on Forgiveness 12-01-19

An interpretation from Vincent's notes several days after his passing into Spirit.


Create From The Power Of Now, Rev Norma Victor, 11-10-19

The Beauty Within Each Moment, Rev John Drinkard 11-03-19

Just Bless It! - Rev Kathy Kerston 09-01-19.mp3

Program Positive Intentions Daily - Rev Kathy Kerston 05-19-19

The Divine that IS you is the Divine that is Me

Reading from The Egg by Andy Weir.

The Door of Opportunity is Open NOW!, Rev.Kathy Kerston 04-22-18

Motherhood and the Aspects of Spiritual Growth 05-13-18

Affirm the Positive Aspects of Your Being, Rev Anne Marie Ludwig 04-08-18

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